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Getting Started as a Student

Dear Student,

Upon acceptance, you should receive an email with your personal login information.

Please navigate to the “My Account” tab and place your mouse over it. A menu will pop down and you will go to the last menu item which should be “Log In” and click on it.

When the log in box comes up place in your user name and password and hit enter.

Upon your first successful login, please change your password for your safety.

Next, please go to “Course Catalog” and place your mouse over it. A menu will pop down and you will go to the link of the course you desire and click on it. In this case we have gone to the Bible link.

Once that page opens up you will scroll down to…

Once you do that you will click on that link “Add to Registration” and purchase the class by following the online commerce instructions.

Once you do that you will be able to see your class in the “My Account” Menu under “My Courses” where you will be able to download any material or books for the course.

When you do that then Monday night at 7:00 Pm you can go to to connect to the class. The system will ask you to download the Zoom software, go ahead and do this and you will be good to go.

Once again, welcome to Texas Theological University and Seminary! We look forward to working with you to help you to prepare for your upcoming ministry!