TH801: The Old Covenant Versus the New Covenant

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The student will be required to research and provide an answer to this subject:

The book of Hebrews does a great job of contrasting the old covenant and the new covenant. In the book of Hebrews chapters 7-10 the writer contrasts the earthly priesthood and the fulfillment of the new covenant under grace in Jesus Christ which gives us access to the throne of God. The student will research, explain and contrast the Old Testament covenant of the earthly priesthood under the law of Moses and the fulfillment of the new covenant of grace in Jesus Christ.

Professor’s Contact Information

Dr. Bruce Martin

Dr. Martin grew up on the mission field of Mexico. He was saved at the age of 8 and surrendered to the ministry at 12, working beside his father, Dr. Milton Martin. After marrying, he and his family served in the field of Mexico for 6 years, in Honduras for 17 years, and currently they work throughout Latin America and with Spanish works in the States. Dr. Martin earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Cinematography at Bob Jones University, his Master of Missions from Texas Theological University and Seminary, and his Doctor of Divinity from Great Plains Baptist Divinity School.


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Assignments / Grading

Course Grading
Lesson / Assignment / Quiz / Exam Percent of Total Grade
The Old Covenant Versus the New Covenant – Synopsis 20.00%
The Old Covenant Versus the New Covenant – Submission 80.00%

Grading Scale

90-100 A

80-89 B

70-79 C

60-69 D

0-59 F