MI701: Jesus’ Philosophy and Method of Preaching

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The student will be required to research and provide an answer to this subject:

Conduct a Biblical examination of Jesus’ philosophy and method of preaching.

Professor’s Contact Information

Dr. James Turner

Dr. Turner began his ministry in western Pennsylvania where he pastored Shadyside Baptist Church for 10 years. Since moving to Texas, he has pastored churches in Bowie, Wichita Falls, and is now the pastor of Metropolitan Baptist Church in Fort Worth, Texas. Dr. Turner earned his Bachelor of Ministry from Luther Rice Seminary, his Master of Theology from Salt Lake Baptist College, and his Doctor of Theology from Texas Theological University and Seminary.


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Assignments / Grading

Course Grading
Lesson / Assignment / Quiz / Exam Percent of Total Grade
Jesus' Philosophy and Method of Preaching – Synopsis 50.00%
Jesus' Philosophy and Method of Preaching – Submission 50.00%

Grading Scale

90-100 A

80-89 B

70-79 C

60-69 D

0-59 F